Adding videos is the best way to turn your visitors into repeat customers. According to the survey, 84% bought the product after watching the product video. It is also mentioned that videos are more common and displayed compared to other formats. Now there’s no reason to choose other formats than video.
As an online store manager, it is essential to add product visuals. The video gains the trust of customers we’ve often spent years on. Besides, Google loves videos, and we can’t miss them.
Many online stores build their stores with WooCommerce. Unfortunately, there is nothing in WooCommerce that prevents you from adding videos to your store. But with video plugins in WooCommerce, you can do it fast.
Today I present six of the best plugins for WooCommerce product videos. I have also mentioned their looks and prices. So choose the best product video editor for your WooCommerce store.

1. WooCommerce Product Video

WooCommerce product featured video plugin by Motif Creatives is the best way to showcase your products in detail. This setting allows you to add a video to any WooCommerce product.

This plugin helps you add YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, daily videos, and self-hosted videos. In addition, the WooCommerce Product Video plugin allows you to add videos as thumbnail of your products to capture your customer’s attention in seconds. Videos are an excellent resource for giving your products details and describing their work more visually than ever before.


  • Displaying your products
  • Show video on the shopping page on the browse screen
  • You can use YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Self-hosted, and mp4 videos.
  • Videos on the identical product page
  • Video on the group page
  • Enable and disable the video option in stores or on the identical product page
  • Shopping sports videos
  • Allow / Limit Video Control
  • Show streaming YouTube videos
  • Added video poster for self-hosted
  • Tall and wide video sets for retail and individual pages
  • Awesome ad boxes
  • Product video pop-ups on all store and retail store pages

2. Product Video for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Videos is a standard WooCommerce plugin that allows you to add a custom video to your WooCommerce product page or embed YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, DailyMotion, and Metacafe videos.


  • Add video to the label of any product page
  • Add a video as product demonstrations
  • Add more videos to your shopping cart
  • Ability to play videos on the page, in the pop-up window, and on the whole screen.
  • Supports traditional videos and uploads videos from popular media such as YouTube, Vimeo, and others.
  • It allows you to download videos in any format, such as MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, and more.
  • Special video clip.

3. YITH WooCommerce Featured Audio & Video Content

The audio and video content featured by YITH WooCommerce is a plugin for WooCommerce stores. This allows you to add sounds and videos to your product and sales pages. This program includes free information and particular ads. You can easily download video and audio files and display them in your product library. TIn addition, this plugin allows you to add more than one video without interruption. This will allow us to add videos from Vimeo, YouTube, and other video platforms. You can also add a video by adding it to your WordPress ad.


  • To make it even more interesting, you can categorize the video into the tool.
  • This plugin also offers the ability to enable/disable autoplay.
  • This allows you to add many audio files to a dedicated library.
  • Audio and video offered by YITH WooCommerce allow you to specify the location of the display image.
  • Compatible with WPML so that users can translate pages into their language.

4. WooCommerce Product Video Gallery

WooCommerce Product Video Gallery is a free WordPress plugin that lets you add videos to your store. Many instructions and techniques are available for free. Its feature set is such that it allows you to combine videos with images. The purpose of this agreement is to help you increase sales and profits. It has many features and a beautiful design. In addition, it works well on all devices and in different conditions. With this plugin, you can view all your photos and videos in one library.


  • It can play media files vertically or horizontally.
  • You can also activate or control the car play.
  • This feature allows you to move or control arrow sliders.
  • It is compatible with popular web developers such as Divi Builder, Elementor Builder, and more.

5. WooCommerce Product Featured Video

WooCommerce Product Featured Video adds a screen to your WooCommerce store that allows you to add video images to any product store. This plugin allows you to display videos on the sales page and the first page of the product.


  • Support YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and your mp4 videos.
  • You can display images on one product page, category page, and store page.
  • Fix/Break Video Control
  • Ability to display videos linked to YouTube
  • Add a few personal introductory videos
  • Set the standard height and width for the video
  • Beautiful Photo Frames in Retail
  • Pop-ups and product videos in stores and on product pages

6. WooCommerce Additional Variation Images

A standard plugin allows you to add videos to your logo. This allows you to add not only videos but also pictures. It has an acceptable and portable interface. This installer works well on all electronic devices such as phones, tablets, and computers. It has an easy-to-use interface for beginners. Best of all, you can control the speed at which the slide show plays automatically.


  • This plugin has the benefit of adding videos and photos to the retailer.
  • You can easily change the height and width of photos and videos.
  • Additional WooCommerce options include an easy-to-use and portable interface.
  • You can add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other popular platforms.
  • This allows you to use trim options such as slide arrows, slides, and more.


Videos can help you turn visitors into customers. Simply put, it increases your business’s conversions and sales. In addition, Google requires videos and images to appear in search results. So to add a video to your product page and get more traffic.

CTR is an essential factor for any online store. And many websites are trying to improve their CTR. You know product videos can help you improve this. Consumers will not buy your products unless you convince them you trust them. And the videos will help you gain that trust.

A detailed video will help customers resolve their concerns and make a quick purchase decision.