Guest Posting & Blogging

Are you a creative writer with expertise in advertising and product marketing? Do you enjoy writing about an eCommerce platform, theme, extension, or service you’ve recently encountered? If it is so then, you are at the right place! Luckily, we accept guest posting if you are looking for relevant websites to publish your unique content.

Guest posting guidelines – Write for Us

We accept free guest posts. Don’t hesitate sharing a list of topics you want to write an article about. Before reaching out to us went through the guidelines of writing for us.

  • Unique ideas, sound arguments, proper formatting, and high-quality content would be entertained. Try to go through our blog while selecting your topic in case there is already a published article with the same topic.
  • Our niche is popular eCommerce platforms and related themes, extensions, and plugins. Our prime focus is WordPress and WooCommerce platforms but other platform i.e. Shopify, Magento, related content would also welcomed.
  • We are working with the aim of zero plagiarism. Try to send 100% original content, you can use multiple plagiarism checker tool available online and attach their report wi9th the content.
  • In case of number of words sky is the limit but it should be minimum 1000 words and maximum is up to the demand and nature of your topic.
  • It is not possible, there are no do-follow links, and we have no obligation to put do-follow link for free guest posting, unless you become a significant contributor by providing high-quality content.
  • Add relevant images, screenshots, videos to make your content visually appealing and to stand out among other bloggers.
  • To deal with DMCA-related issues, if there is any, you give us copywrite ownership at the time of submission.
  • Check your content, sentence structure, grammar, and your keyword before hand over to us.
  • Topics must add some value to our readers and cannot be just a review of your product for marketing purposes.
  • If you want to put a video in your article, you can submit your video to our YouTube channel. Just create a video, send us an email, and we'll show you how to send a video. Your profile will be a part of your video description.

  • Product Reviews & Banner Ads

    We publish a detailed description of your ecommerce product/theme/plugin. Please note that we may request a product review and if we are not satisfied with the product, review requests will be rejected. Banner Advertising is another way we entertain our guest blogger. Your website/product banner can be added to the top bar of our website. If you are looking for promoting your Website or Product through our website or YouTube Channel, write to us!

    Our Recommendation

    We often publish a list of the best products (themes, plugins / apps / extensions, hosting providers, etc.) that we want to recommend to our readers. If you think your plugin should be mentioned in one of our articles, leave us a message. If you think your product is great and deserves a shout-out from us, do not hesitate to let us know.