Currently View Top 20 Health & Fitness bloggers and influencers in India

The topic of Health and Fitness has become so popular today that every other person works in the gym to get a great figure. However, among those interested in training, some influencers focus on health worldwide, which is why they have decided to become health and fitness bloggers.

After witnessing the rise in the number of active influencers and bloggers writing about health and fitness and welcoming these health-conscious Indians, we’ve compiled a list. Some of the critical criteria we used in this list of the best health and fitness blogs in India are blogging experience and frequency, content quality, social media tracking, blog traffic and governance.

  1. Rahul Yadav (FitnessAnytime.Club)

Fitnessanytime. The club offers you exclusive advice on Health and Fitness. You can also get practical training and tips for losing weight and building muscle. Rahul Yadav has worked in the healthcare sector for over ten years. He inspired people to lose weight, build muscle and live a healthy life. Stay tuned to Fitnessanytime. Club for the latest health news.

  1. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty doesn’t need any introduction. She is an actress who has an impact on fitness and well-being. Her health diaries inspire millions of people in India. He has 14.9 million Instagram followers.

  1. Bani J

She begins her journey from roadies to one of the most powerful women in fitness. Her confidence, personality, and talent make her one of the most influential people in India, and we cannot deny it.

  1. Sahil Khan

Sahil Khan is the recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Award for Fitness Icon of India with a solid fan base of 4.7 million Instagram followers. He also owns one of the largest fitness studios in the country and is one of the most famous fitness trainers.

  1. Mandira Bedi

She was a television actress, model, fashion enthusiast, and now a fitness influencer. In addition to all her achievements, she is the mother of a six-year-old child. And this influential fitness leader has 677,000 Instagram followers who support her and make her stronger.

  1. Prince Narula

Splitsvilla 8, Roadies X2, and Big Boss 9 winner Prince Narula is a classic examples of how the commoner becomes a celebrity. Today he is a model and actor, very active in cell phone sales. He also works as an Instagram health and fitness influencer.

7 . Perfect Skin Care For You

Here is a blog about your ideal skincare. The set includes everything from skin and hair care to a simple and healthy lifestyle. Swat has a master’s degree in software engineering, but he left the job; his passion is blogging. He is one of the best health bloggers in India. I hope you find this blog helpful.

  1. Sapna Vyas

Certified by the American Exercise Council (ACE), Sapna Vyas is a weight management specialist, a healthy eating specialist, a health coach, and a behavior change specialist. Being the daughter of a well-known Indian politician who led the health and family welfare department, it is no surprise that Sapna has emerged as a highly acclaimed sports fanatic. Along with her Instagram account, Sapna also has its own YouTube channel, where it gives its avid followers endless information about diet, exercise, and fitness.

  1. DietBurrp

This blog takes you to the latest news and research in a practical way. Their healthy recipes will help you turn bland food into delicious healthy food, and their products will help you train skillfully and accurately. Payal Banka is a nutritionist and registered dietitian. He ran his clinic at the Niramaya Medical Research Center.

  1. Natasha Noel

Spreading good vibes and the right inspiration in the most beautiful way – Natasha Noel is one of those trainers who will let you know that your body is a temple. He is doing everything possible to achieve the desired results, and we are entirely in agreement. His core strength and flexibility are sure to get you in trouble. But, he makes sure that you stop all negative energies around you and start growing by exercising every day.

  1. Wholesome Mamma

The purpose of this blog is to encourage other Indian parents to follow their intuition and bring you and your family the best of health and happiness. They believe that good health starts at birth and even earlier, and I intend to give my babies the best possible start! Aloka is a mother of two boys, a certified nursing educator, and a sister.

  1. Find Health Tips

This blog is part of Blogging Studio. This blog was created to provide comprehensive and detailed information on the subject of health. Samar Pakhva has been active in internet marketing for six years. He is now a regular affiliate of Blogging Studio.

  1. Health Beckon

Health Beckon is one of the most popular and trusted blogs in India that helps people understand the various health and fitness concepts and their impact on a healthier and better lifestyle. You can get lots of helpful updates, information, and tips on health, nutrition, nutrition, and creating your own original healthy food recipes. Digital has extensive experience in nutrition, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. Their ideas and tips will help you live a healthy life.

  1. Sonali Swami

A mother, international athlete, coach, appropriate influencer, and many women’s inspirations are supported by 265 thousand followers on Instagram. In addition, he is passionate about fitness and healthy living, as all his posts on public platforms show.

  1. Nidhi Mohan Kamal

It may seem easy, but it took years of hard work and training. Nothing is easy – she is motivated to cope better every day. Her daily work motivates followers.

  1. Ranveer Allahbadia

He is also an entrepreneur with a masculine style and training program. After surgery for gallbladder surgery at the age of 16 and two more surgeries two years later, Ranveer consciously decided to adopt a healthy regimen to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Shweta Mehta

Winner of the Indian show, Road Winner (Season 15), Shweta is a software engineer but is now a successful bikini athlete and sports enthusiast and is hugely popular in his online community due to his weight training.

18 . Fitness vs Weight Loss

Founded by IWB and Kanan and known as the Indian Weight Loss Blog, this blog posts body positivity, weight loss, diet plans, wellness, and exercise tips. Blog posts also feature free exercises, recipes, and even inspirational weight loss reviews that will add value to your blog audience. It also has a separate section where you can find health expert reviews and advice on various healthy foods and ingredients that you can use to improve your daily lifestyle.

  1. FitBeWell

FitBeWell is Ashwin’s Naika blog on health, fitness, parenting, and lifestyle. Ashwin is a former software trainer, mother, and true yoga and sports enthusiast who tries to help people discover healthier versions through his blog. He also shares simple, easy recipes that are completed in minutes.

  1. Gaurav Taneja

Gaurav Taneja is a prevalent face in the world of YouTube and other social networks showing the highest health and fitness level. Gaurav is also known as a flying animal, a pilot by profession, and a trained enthusiast. Besides being busy with his passionate work, he will find time for his followers to post new fitness posts or funny posts on various social media platforms. If you are longingly looking for someone to help you stay fit and give you reliable training tips, Gaurav on Instagram is the right place to go.