Why Explainer Videos are Essential for Your Digital Marketing Strategy’s Success

You have your digital marketing strategy set, it is time to light up the fuse to see all the magic working together. You are prepared for calls to roll in, emails for quotation, and active checkout carts.

But you hear crickets. You get annoying promotional emails and updates and almost no call or query, the checkout cart of your product page has zero activities.

You are not alone, thousands of new business owners are going through your current state. It is all happening for faulty strategy.

A missing puzzle piece to paint the bigger picture to your audience.

You see digital marketing is not all about SEO, backlinks, blogs, etc. It is much in-depth, it requires education, enlightenment, entertainment, creating desire, making your audience recognize your brand, and thousand other factors.

An explainer video creates hundreds of touch points in your audience’s mind and takes them through a journey of awareness, interest, desire, and action.

Now let’s see how your business will look in the first or second year if you haven’t take explainer videos seriously.

Your Business Will Have No Organic Growth

When you do not entertain people with your content, then your audience looks for enlightenment, if that is also absent them bounce.

Guess what type of content gives people entertainment value and/or educational value? Yes, an explainer video that is.

You may think an explainer video may be a cartoon that kids consume, you’re wrong, you have kids living inside you and so does all your potential consumers, which is why top companies like Google, Dropbox, Uber all using explainer videos in almost all their ad campaign.

Speaking of the ad campaign, your business will suffer tremendous wastage of money in paid ad campaigns, like social boost, ad-words, and whatnot.

Not having an explainer video to complement your ad campaign is like climbing a mountain without a safety harness.

Your business will have no sales funnel

This one is a bit stingy, without any sales funnel despite having tons of visitors on your site, none will convert as ‘real’ customers.

I quote real here because to have an organic sale is like people referring your brand to others, for this you have to have an AIDA model to follow for the digital marketing arena.

Four things you need to move your consumers through in this model, awareness is the first one. Top of the sales funnel you need to put your brand float, it has to have entertainment value and education, but not dumping data on strangers, because that’s what any other type of content would do, so pick an explainer video to do this heavy lifting.

The ‘I’ stands for interest, the consumer understood your product or service, thanks to that animation production company who created that outstanding explainer video.

For growing interest you need to include the unique selling point of your product or service, or, the hook, the one reason why a stranger might stop by and shop for your service.

A great script and 100% unique graphics will work like a charm, your brand element is also responsible for generating interest, so talk about this part clearly with your scriptwriter.

Now you have to take them on a journey even deeper in the funnel.

D for Desire, your explainer video must contain tons of benefits and bit of features of your product or service, it is like instead of explaining your clothes made of organic materials and durable stitches, tell your audience it will provide utmost comfort and joy wearing that PJs. These crates desire to own your product.

Finally ‘A’ stands for action, it is the bottom of your sales funnel, here your ideal customer is ready to purchase your product all you have to do is present them with an easy call to action. Like buy now, get a free quote, and whatnot, you can add this on your explainer video as well. At the very end.

Conclusion: In digital marketing explainer videos play a crucial role, even your business can never work in digital space if you skip producing an explainer video for your product and service, the result may alter the structure of your entire business.