What Types of Content Get More Views and Likes on YouTube

Most popular content on YouTube is aimed at entertaining rather than informing. Many channels, for example, only produce video content to generate views, subscribers, or advertising revenue. This type of content is known as sensationalism.

In recent years, the rise of digital content has revolutionized the way that we consume information. From the comfort of our own homes, we can access a wealth of information and entertainment content. This has led to a rise in interest in digital writing, and there is no better example than YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing website where users can upload, view, and share videos. In this document, we will be discussing the most popular content on YouTube.

This content ranges from minute-long humor pieces to informative documentaries. It is important to be aware of the content that is being consumed and shared online, as it can have a significant impact on our lives.


A commentary video is a video in which someone shares their thoughts or opinions on a specific topic. As a company, you can use this type of YouTube video to reflect on current events or developments in your industry or in connection with your offering. If HubSpot made a controversial or groundbreaking update to its platform, someone on our team would respond by letting us know how this update affects customers like us.

Trekking Videos

People make trekking videos which explain how the trekking is going to be, the difficulty level, etc… Many YouTubers really get views and likes for their information. Find customised trekking and camping across India.

Product Rating

A product review is exactly what it sounds like a detailed assessment of the quality and/or performance of a product. In these videos people discuss a product or service that they have used, what their experience was like, and whether or not they would recommend it. YouTubers often combine this with “unboxing” a product to capture its actual first reactions, which can be extremely important in our experiential economy. Eg: Technical Guruji, how people trust him and his product unboxing.


How-to videos are instructional videos that give viewers a step-by-step introduction to how to complete a specific task. This could be anything from preparing your favorite Indian food dishes or recreating a celebrity makeup tutorial or anything else, depending on your business.


But when we say education in this context, we generally mean things that are a little more multi-year or fact-based. Use these videos to educate your audience on basic topics related to your product or service. also very popular on YouTube. In fact, I’m sure this is the only place most people see them these days, but if you’re not into music or are particularly creative, this may not be the best option for most brands.


The game video in this case is usually a record of people playing or reviewing a video game. This is a niche market for the gaming industry. Given the popularity of YouTubers, this is not surprising.

Top Lists

Similar to the best movies, best web series, the best place to visit, etc… wherein YouTubers rank or talk about their favourites in a specific class or high quality.


Docuseries are a chain of movies which has one precise occasion or subject. Perhaps this may be used to inform a patron tale or provide a behind-the-scenes (BTS) examine your company’s culture. The behind-the-scenes of any movie, video song, or any other video.


These, because the call suggests, are movies focused around aggressive sports activities or athletic stunts. Once again, if associated with your sports blog business, it could be extraordinarily valuable, however now it is no longer something you need to discover randomly.


Narrative movies take the viewer through a tale. For brands, those can appear as patron achievement tales or maybe share an academic history.


Similar to a Q&A, interviews may be relatively enticing YouTube movies focused round a communique or dialogue. Use interview movies to, again, have idea leaders and professionals for your enterprise area burning questions from customers or potential customers.